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Răspunsuri la întrebări frecvente de către (ne)credincioși

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Trăiesc bine ca un om obișnuit. Nu sunt un păcătos, în niciun caz

Everyone commit a lie for a good. And sometimes we do not think very well over a person. God looks into the human heart. The Bible says: You must serve God, Who lives in Heaven, and love Him with your complete heart, mind and spirit. That is Gods most important commandment. If you fail to do so, then you are a sinner for God. That means that you live separate from God. Not only now, BUT also after your death. Because the Bible (Gods Word to humans) tells that after your death, two things can happen with man. OR he/she continues to stay separated from God, and shall experience the punishment upon sin (and go to the lake of fire) or he/she shall live with God in Heaven.
The only way to live with God, is to confess that you are a sinner and believe (accept) that Jesus Christ (is the Son of God) died for your sins at the Cross of Calvary.

Vrei să-L accepți pe Isus Hristos ca Mântuitor personal. Cum pot face acest lucru?

You may kneel down and fold your hands. Thereafter you say:

Lord Jesus Christ, please help me. I confess to be a sinner and I am not capable to reconcile myself with You. I accept that You died for my sins at the Cross of Calvary, and I ask You to purify me through your blood.

I wish to ask You, Lord Jesus Christ, to enter into my life as Lord and to teach me about Yourself and teach me in knowledge of You and the Bible. Please show me the way, guide me to the right person(s) to teach me and assist me.

Thank You that You wish to enter into my life. AMEN.

Te-ai rugat această rugăciune, ce se va întâmpla acum?

The Holy Spirit has entered inside you. Many experiences great happiness or relieve. Sometimes nothing.
You may also notice that you become uncertain over a period. Therefore it is good to visit a (evangelical) church, where you feel at home. That means visiting some different churches. And people conversating with you and help you grow in faith.
In case you are unable to find the right church for yourself, or if you need a contact, feel free to send a email to the EZBB info@ezbb.org.

Dumnezeu este iubire, spun oamenii. Totuși, este adevărat?

Yes, unfortunately we live in a world of violence, great violence. The only way to know Gods love is written in the Bible, John 3:16: For God so loved the world that He gave His only SON, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish (that is: after death you receive Gods punishment for your sins and remains separated from God) but have eternal life (that is: after your death you will live together with God in Heaven).

God has commanded to love God with whole your heart and spirit, to love your neighbour as yourself. Also from the beginning (from creation), God has assigned man to reign over the earth. With this fact, man is responsible for the earth and all what is living on earth (relations with about beings, animals, fishes, birds, forest, ambient, etc.). Sometimes men kill each other, but that is the RESPONSIBILITY of man. God told us to love one other as ourselves!!! And to take care of one other. That also means to take care of persons in the third world. Kings, presidents, governors, politicians, judges, they all are responsible for their civilians and their welfare, and to care for the people in the third world and the ambient. However, you yourself too have a personal obligation, you must resist against evil, help persons in the third world, take care of the ambient, vote politicians who serve God and acknowledge Jesus Christ.

Gods love is also visible through the work of missionaries.
Often they try to help persons in the third world through medical assistance, education and food. In this manner, they demonstrates Gods Love and by the support of a home frontier (including financial and prayer), the missionaries are able to supply in their first needs.

De ce nu intervine Dumnezeu?

In the end, God shall interfere, and that shall happen soon (a signal for this, is the existence of the state Israel). Finally, a great war shall occur between the nations and God (which is described in the Bible: the book Revelation). Every man shall personally account for his/her way of living on earth before God. Every man has a life after death on erath OR in the lake of fire OR in Heaven. Also every king, president, judge, leader, boss, yes every person shall be judged by God (every person appears before God after his/her death on earth). Only those who accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour shall life eternal in Heaven with God (but still faces the tribunal of Christ), all others shall no life in Heaven.

Mă rog, dar nu experimentez sau aproape nicio împlinire a rugăciunii. Are sens să te rogi?

God is a sovereign God. All what we receive from God is purely grace. The Bible gives some guidance in relation how to pray and fullfilments of prayers (see Bible study Prayer). Shortly, this is what the Bible tells:

Are sens să ne rugăm pentru vindecare?

Yes, always. The Will of God is that the believer seeks (only) Him for curing. However God can cure every individual in His own way (through doctors or miracles). Does God cures everyone? NO.
Also while Jesus was on earth, He did not cure everyone. Sometimes God tests a faith of the believer. Also God knows what is best for the sick person. Sometimes God has a reason for the sickness. Sickness can be result of sin. In that case, the purpose is to correct the believer, to mediate and confess sin.
There are cases in which God uses a sickness (or handicap) to glorify Himself (think of Lazarus and Joni Eareckson).
Yes, in such cases, it is hard to determine how to pray. We, human beings, do not like to lose a beloved one. At all times, it useful to pray, but useful to add "Your Will occurs". Always pray for curing and NOT for to continue life. Unfortunately it occurs that one insistently pray for that a person continue to live, without adding "Your Will occurs". Sometimes God lets Him overrule and the serious sick person continue live, but without complete healing. Then afterwards persons regret that they pray that the sick person remains living, because his life is horrible and an human disgraceful. God knows when it is better for the sick to die.
Do not forget that sickness and death are a consequence of the fall (sin). Every man shall soon or later die and leave this earthly body. Might it be a comfort that when the sick is a believer, accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour, he or she goes to Heaven where there is no sickness and suffering. But woe, for the unbeliever, his or her suffering will even be worse (in Hell).

A da zecime este o obligație?

No, but already for the institution by the Torah, the old testament believers, such as Abraham, gave their tenth. Tenth, however, was more than a tenth, there were about all kinds of things (among other things the birth of the first child) charges are levied, so according to some calculations the total came out at 33%.
God loves the cheerful giver (2 Co. 9:7). Tenth and gifts are very necessary from the contemporary Christian. Why?

Do you want to know more about tenth, see the Bible study Tenth.

Mântuirea ta este sigură?

Personally, I find that the Bible contradicts itself. But there are theologians who say that the Bible cannot contradict itself. So here will follow the biblical texts that speak of salvation and you may draw your own conclusion if this comment is correct or not.


  1. John 3:18 Whoever believes in him (Jesus Christ), is not convicted.
  2. After an unbeliever accepts Jesus Christ as his/her Saviour, the Holy Spirit immediately goes living in him/her (comes to live him/her 1 Corinthians 6:19), which is given as collateral to him/her, Ephesians 1:13-14.
  3. Read 1 Corinthians 3:11-15. Verse 15 says: but if any man's work burns, but he himself will be saved, but like a man escaping through a wall of flames.

Theses verses confirm your salvation for the eternity.


  1. John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth NOT the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God remain on him.
  2. Matthew 25:1-13 The story of the virgins going to the wedding. The foolish virgins whose lamps go out (they are not full any more of the Holy Spirit), they find the wedding door CLOSED.
  3. Luke 13:26-28 People who have proclaimed Jesus, but still ruled out as workers of iniquity.
  4. Matthew 7:21-23 Many have prophesied and done forces in Jesus name, yet Jesus does not know them and they come not in Heaven.

This is in contradiction to the Yes. Or these verses speak about people who deny Jesus when they have to give evidence or be tortured and then deny Jesus? These are believers who have come to faith, but then deny Jesus by remaining living in the flesh and life, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit are not visible in them (Matthew 25)? These are workers who themselves did not believe in Jesus and they did everything in the name of Jesus for their own glory?
Read also Matthew 13:18-23. One accepts with joy and in a period of trouble or persecution, he falls. Another accepts Jesus, but finds life in the world more attractive and also he is infertile.
This means that in addition to your belief and assumption of the Jesus Christ, the need for adoption as the LORD Jesus Christ, who changes your life, that you must live in obedience and full of the Holy Spirit in order to obtain eternal life in Heaven?
In any case, let this NO be a serious warning! Take your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ seriously and leave your worldly life (the life in the flesh) and enter and continue on to a life guided by the Holy Spirit.